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Just an update on the art theft…The guy at the STAG Clothing company ( ) claims that his image, “however strikingly similar it may be to her [my] image, is totally his design, that he came up with on his own” and added that it was inspired by the Jagermeister logo (which, btw, looks very different from my drawing: ).

So…here is my original art next to the STAG Clothing logo, along with an overlay of the two, to prove that their logo is indeed a direct trace of my art, the only changes being: one antler copied and flipped around, to make both antlers fully symmetrical, the line of the lip removed, and the fur line between the eyes removed. Every other outline, antler shading detail, and fur markings, down to the individual hairs, is identical, as you can see.

He also claims that: “We as a company have always paid for designers, and would never copyright someone else’s images and pass them off as our own.” Well, I for sure haven’t gotten one cent of payment from this!

And this bit was copied from their FB about page: “As well as hard work, our design process has set us apart from many, a huge amount of our designs and collections are created in house, however we have also had the pleasure of working closely with some amazing and creative designers which has enabled them to put their spin on the brand and its products.”  So I guess “working closely with creative designers” and “creating designs in house” actually means stealing from various artists whatever images they happen to come across on Google and then editing them to suit their own purposes? :P



I’ve had this happen to me before, nearly the exact scenario with a big name brand clothing manufacturer.

If STAG had any brains in the heads of the folks in charge, they would have seen Xenia’s letter, said “Augh one of our artists did a Bad Thing”, settled with Xenia in private to make it right, and it would have been resolved.

Instead, they said that their copy is totally original (when it obviously is not) so now we need to let them know that social media says “NOPE, you don’t get to do this.” If the internet has one superpower, it’s the power to get angry.

Feeling spunky about this issue? You should. Let STAG know how you feel about them not owning their mistake, and continuing to profit off someone else’s work:

Reblogging again for links. 

Go tell them how you feel!

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